Article in the VDI-Nachrichten about the digitalisation of the German Schuldschein market


VDI-Nachrichten reports on Schuldschein as a flexible alternative to traditional bank loans and the advantages of digital platforms.

The higher transparency and the possibility of direct contact with investors which digital platforms provide will be further strengthened by standardization of documentation such as the LMA Schuldscheindarlehen documentation.

According to Sebastian Brauer (Head of Corporate Finance & Treasury at Open Grid Europe GmbH and member of the Equity & Debt department at Verband Deutscher Treasurer e. V. (VDT), the platforms will not be widely accepted until the market is consolidated on a few platforms.

Dr. Ralf Kauther, CEO of credX, emphasizes its unique positioning as a neutral infrastructure provider: “The credX platform provides a secure technical and legal framework for the transaction, matches the companies’ inquiries with the investor profiles and provides the appropriate execution processes for the various instruments. Further services related to the Schuldschein process, such as corporate finance advice for issuers and support for investors in evaluating the investment, are integrated on the platform. However, these are deliberately not provided by credX itself, but by third parties who are selected and controlled by the transaction partners themselves. This eliminates conflicts of interest with the traditional process and makes the platform equally attractive for all types of transaction participants.
Aufsichtsratsvorsitzender: Philipp Henrich

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