Cover story in Immobilien Zeitung: Lending platforms get into position


Immobilien Zeitung has published an editorial on Expo Real in which it discusses credit platforms, in particular credX, on several pages. We are doubly pleased about this: firstly, because it is now clear what added value lending platforms can offer and secondly, because we are now getting so much attention thanks to our top customers and financings. The article is behind the paywall. We have summarized what we think is most important for you.

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The article by IZ Ulrich Schüppler highlights how important it is, especially today, for real estate investors not only to find the right financing partners, but also to professionally manage the process with all the evidence and documents. Digital financing platforms are playing an increasingly important role here.

Sam Mellor, Head of Real Estate Debt at Barings, distinguishes between three platform types: Crowdfunding, as a niche product, pure “matchmakers”, i.e. databases that only suggest suitable financing partners, and platforms that support the entire process. Especially in the fragmented German banking market, such platforms can add considerable value.

credX is a platform that not only does the matchmaking, but also supports the entire financing process. According to Ralf Kauther, CEO of credX, there are about 800 to 1,000 lenders active in commercial real estate financing. Banks, especially associated banks, account for the lion’s share. Debt fonds and insurances become more important, are however at present usually still very selectively on the way. He estimates that 250 addresses cover 80% of the market. With currently about 300 affiliated capital providers, he sees himself well positioned, especially since credX continuously provides financing requests for established addresses, receives concrete financing offers and has already closed many deals. However, almost every new inquiry is also used to contact additional capital providers and to record their profile.

Kauther goes on to stress the importance of digitizing processes to achieve economies of scale: More technical support means more transactions with the same amount of personnel. For example, credX can handle 10 times more business with the same number of staff than a traditional financing intermediary. Thus, credX can also support the highly professional dedicated financing teams used by real estate developers and investors today.

In the article, credX is joined by Reesca and crex as platform providers, as well as Vincent Schneider of consulting firm Vitura. Reesca offers classic financing consulting in addition to the platform with “matching engine” and data room. Crex Capital promises much more: they now want to start programming an end-to-end solution that not only digitizes the financing process, but automates it. The solution should be available in the middle of next year. At the end of the article, Sascha Klaus, CEO of Berlin Hyp, comments. His company is in the process of digitizing its financing processes. He sees the platforms not as competition, but as a complement to banks. In addition to new business, he would like to see the possibility of passing on lending business via the platforms.

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