Interview with Nina Dubois | Working Student Business Development


How long have you been with credX?

I have been with credX since July 2022. During the semester break, I actively searched for a remote working student job that would allow me to work from abroad as well.

What are you studying and do you have any previous professional experience? If so, what is it?

I am currently doing my Master in Management at the Nova School of Business and Economics in Lisbon, Portugal. However, I was able to gain practical experience in the marketing department of two different startups before and during my business administration bachelor studies. In addition, I create content for the Instagram page of my university’s sustainability club.

How did you hear about credX?

Through a job posting on Indeed.

Why did you decide to join credX?

I find credX particularly exciting because I had no previous exposure to commercial real estate finance and am always looking for new challenges. In addition, I already realized during my job interview that credX is not a “conventional” startup, but a growing company that already has an extensive network and whose technology represents a great added value for the market.

What does a typical day at work look like?

I pepper credX’s social media presence and generally take care of the design of the online presence. However, my workday is very diverse and includes the preparation and implementation of a wide variety of marketing activities.

What is important to you?

It was important to me during my master’s degree to expand my practical knowledge and to find a job that allows me to have a flexible schedule and that I can do in my home office. I also like working in small teams with flat hierarchies, which is definitely the case at credX. The exchange with colleagues is always very friendly and if you have any questions, you can always find a contact person.

Dear Nina, thank you for the interview!


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