Article about the digitization of “Schuldschein” in Finance Magazin


This interesting article deals with the different approaches: On the one hand, (multi-)arranger platformson which banks still manage the entire issuing process. On the other hand, neutral marketplaces such as credX, where issuers and investors are in the driver seat. We provide the digital transaction infrastructure as a cloud service. Other services such as debt advisory or rating and investment advice should be booked by the platform participants according to their individual needs.
We are currently discussing with diverse providers of these issuance related services – among them many banks – how their services can be made seamlessly accessible on the platform. Thereby, we bring economies of scale and specialization in the entire complex issuing process. This is beneficial for every party involved – not only issuers and investors, but also service providers like banks and advisors.

The credibility issue addressed in the second part of the article is undoubtedly very important. That is the reason why we plead for the various roles to be clearly separated and thus conflicts to be avoided right from the outset.


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