Amazon Web Services (AWS) reports on the cooperation with credX and valantic

Our customers from the real estate industry entrust us with their financing tenders in order to obtain optimal conditions.

The aspects of transparency and security also play a major role:

  • we work with confidential, sometimes very critical, data of our business partners (e.g. how much the company has bid in an ongoing purchase process or how much margin there is in the calculation; on the lender side, it is crucial that the offers are treated fairly and absolutely confidentially and that information in the credit check is traceably unaltered (audit trail))
  • borrowers want to know at all times exactly where the process stands and what data has been disclosed to whom
  • Lenders are regulated and can only work with IT solutions that demonstrably meet relevant requirements (BaIT, MaRisk…)

We have therefore focused on aligning our IT with financial services standards from the very beginning. In the case study, you will learn how we proceed together with our hosting partner valantic and which systems we use on AWS.

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More renowned new clients use the platform

We are very pleased that we were able to convince three more very renowned real estate investors – Bauwens, E-Gruppe and PANDION AG – of the advantages of tendering via the digital credX platform.

In addition to the successful work with our numerous existing asset managers and project developers, such successes in acquiring new clients impressively underline the attractiveness and novelty of our Financing as a Service offer. Such top tier addresses, with their own network built up over many years and excellent credit standing, as well as their well-organised internal processes, have no difficulty in obtaining financing even under challenging market conditions. Nevertheless, they are happy to take advantage of the support they receive from the credX platform.

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Cover story in Immobilien Zeitung: Lending platforms get into position

Immobilien Zeitung has published an editorial on Expo Real in which it discusses credit platforms, in particular credX, on several pages. We are doubly pleased about this: firstly, because it is now clear what added value lending platforms can offer and secondly, because we are now getting so much attention thanks to our top customers and financings. The article is behind the paywall. We have summarized what we think is most important for you.

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Purchase financing for local supplier real estate

In our “Insights” section, we share our experience of how acquisition financing for local shopping centers has developed in the first half of the year. In this period alone, we advertised ten acquisition financings for more than 40 local retail properties on our platform. Of these, eight have already been financed and two are close to loan approval. We provide insights into which conditions were offered and ultimately concluded, and also go into specific details about the success factors that should currently be paid particular attention to in tenders in this segment.

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credX as guest at the 15th IM Symposium at the Palmengarten in Frankfurt

In this highly attended event, credX CEO Dr. Ralf Kauther presented the credX Transaction as a Service platform – a digital market place for large financings especially commercial real estate financings– to the executives of savings and cooperative banks. Several institutions at presence already work with credX and were able to share their experiences with others. In his presentation and answers to the participants Ralf Kauther addressed the following points: read more

Interview with Dr. Ralf Kauther CEO of credX AG in BOND MAGAZINE

The CEO of credX explains the concept of the credX platform, target group and costs in an interview. In a nutshell:

We are a neutral, regulated marketplace for lending debt capital, offering the full spectrum of instruments (loans, promissory notes and bonds) at very low transaction fees. Our target group is issuers/borrowers from the upper mid-market, large corporations, the real estate industry and the public sector on the one hand, professional investors such as insurance companies, pension funds, credit funds and banks on the other hand, as well as corporate finance advisors or investment advisors.

More details in the interview on page 13.

Article in DerTreasurer on the competition of promissory note platforms

Very exciting development:

LBBW, the No. 1 in the promissory note market, takes the position that banks are not necessary as intermediaries and should concentrate on the advisory role. It is understandable that it nevertheless wants to defend its position by using a proprietary platform. We consider a neutral platform where banks and other deal advisors can offer their services to issuers in a fair and transparent manner to be more efficient.

First promissory note loan concluded between Telekom and AXA

Cologne – The credX platform is now operational. Right at the outset, Deutsche Telekom issued a promissory note loan with a volume of 50 million euros and a 10-year maturity to insurance companies of the AXA Group.
With immediate effect, issuers with good to very good credit ratings on the one hand and professional investors on the other can register. As members they can use the web-based platform to prepare, negotiate, conclude and manage the processing and settlement of debt issues and loans. As a neutral intermediary for private placement of bonds, promissory note loans (Schuldscheine) and credit, credX provides an alternative to the predominant placement and syndication via banks.
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